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How to Build a Bike Polo Mallet (Part 1: Intro and Tools)

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These instructions describe how to build a sturdy and reliable hardcourt bike polo mallet. Over the past few years I have built dozens of polo mallets and tried many different tools to arrive at what you see. I'm not claiming that this is the absolute best method, but I think the simplicity and resilience of mallets built this way will work well for the vast majority of players.
This tutorial centers around Arena Bike Polo gear, but the method will work equally well for ski poles/gas pipe and shafts/heads from other manufacturers with slight modifications; namely, a different drop nut and possibly different number or arrangement of teeth cut in the end of the shaft. With the right tools it should take about 10-15 minutes to build.
Disclaimer: Please use common sense and appropriate safety precautions when using tools. We are not responsible if you do something dumb, hurt yourself, and can't play polo.


No  Tool
1 Household 3-in-1 oil
2 A standard drill bit set
3 Imperial TC-1000 pipe cutter
4 Corded/Cordless drill
5 Triangular slim taper file
6 Tapered reamer (7/8")
7 1/8" Allen wrench
8 Step drill bit (1/4" - 3/4")


No Tool
1 Original Creamy Mallet Shaft
2 Alchemy UHMW Head
3 Hockey Tape
4 Mallet Hardware (drop nut, end plug)*
*Hardware is included with Creamy shafts.

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