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Alchemy 2.375" UHMW Mallet Head


"Alchemy is the art of liberating parts of the Cosmos from temporal existence and achieving perfection which, for metals is gold, and for man, longevity..."
- H.J. Sheppard

The Alchemy Head is a  dependable, strong, and versatile mallet head - a jack of all trades. Weighing just 90g, this CNC machined head has slightly thicker walls than our 2.50" head. Pairing this head with our Creamy 1019 shaft yields a bomb-proof mallet that will hold up to months of tough hits and play on rough courts and still shoot straight as an arrow. 

Love to scoop? Cut a bevel on the inside lip of the open end to make scooping even easier.

Weight weenie? The Alchemy 2.375" head has just thick enough walls to withstand drilling a few speed holes without deforming. If you are looking for the ultimate light weight mallet head, try our Alchemy 2.50" head (70g).



  Integrated cap. Straight and true, the cap transfers power directly to the ball. The radius corners wear evenly and 1/4" thick cap material resists deformation over time.

  Double butted design. Material where it's needed and none where it isn't. Reinforced tapered ends with a thinner midsection for light weight.

  Assembly simplified. Forget fumbling with a drill to make a straight mounting holes. Two pairs of perfectly centered pilot holes simplifies assembly. Easily rotate the head 90 degrees to even out wear and promote longer life.


CNC machined in the USA. Besides being gorgeous to look at, CNC machining provides a level of accuracy impossible with traditional techniques. Our fabricator has years of experience making custom UHMW parts for the aerospace and medical device industries.

Eco-Friendly Material. Reprocessed (recycled) UHMW, is an environmentally friendly plastic. Rather than throw off-cuts and trims into landfills, recycled UHMW re-extrudes these to make an amazingly tough and slippery sheet with similar (or slightly improved) wear resistance to virgin material.


Technical Specifications

Material Reprocessed UHMW
Color Black
Length (in)   5.00
Diameter (in)   2.375
Uncut Weight (g) 89


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